Alfonsina Storni, Legendary Argentine Poet, was born on this day in 1892!

AlfonsinaAlfonsina Storni was born on May 29, 1892.  She is considered to be one of the most important Argentine and Latin American poets of the modernist period.  Much of her work focuses on the repression of women.  She died in Buenos Aires on October 25, 1938. TheCore Ensemble celebrates Alfonsina in our touring show “Tres Vidas” (Three Lives):

Alfonsina was an habitué of the famed Café Tortoni, a haunt of artists and writers. Perhaps she nibbled on Alfajores while enjoying the earthy and dramatic music of the tangueros.  Here’s a recipe for Alfajores that I tried:


Always one to gild the lily, I took half the batch and dipped them in dark chocolate – to my mind, an upgrade on an already-sensational item!