Oscar Romero – One of Los Valientes

Oscar Romero

Archbishop Romero

Earlier this year, the Vatican announced that Oscar Romero is now recognized as a martyr slain for his faith. The path to Romero’s possible canonization is now open. Archbishop Romero is one of ten twentieth-century martyrs honored with a statue in Westminster Abbey; he is also represented by a bust in Washington National Cathedral.


Kevin Melendez with Romero Family in Houston, TX.

The Core Ensemble celebrates Archbishop Romero every year during Hispanic Heritage Month (September and October) with performances of Los Valientes. Relatives of Archbishop Romero attended a recent performance of Los Valientes in Houston, pictured here with actor Kevin Melendez who portrayed the martyr. A very young Romero relative hides behind the grownups.

Los Valientes (The Courageous Ones) is a live music theatre work for singing actor and onstage trio of cello, piano and percussion. Based on the lives of three heroic Latinos, the show celebrates Mexican painter Diego Rivera, martyred Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, and Mexican-American outlaw Joaquin Murrieta – some say the Zorro character was based on this historical figure. You can find more information here: http://www.coreensemble.com/shows-on-tour/los-valientes – Or contact Margot for detail – margot@coreensemble.com.